8th Grade Scholarship Program

Awarding Outstanding Community Service

Congratulations to Sam Aronson of Caruso and Nina Graham of Shepard for being the recipients of the 2013 8th Grade Scholarships.  Both Sam and Nina exemplified outstanding community service and are well-deserving of this prestigious award.

About the 8th Grade Scholarship Program

In 2013, the Deerfield Education Foundation awarded two $1,000 scholarships to an eighth grade student or group of students – one student or group each from Shepard and Caruso. The awards were given to students for their outstanding, self-motivated community service such as reading to the elderly, helping younger students learn, or volunteering at an animal shelter or a nursing home – anything that helps to promote a better community. The students must have demonstrated a strong desire to serve beyond the standards of their peers and community. In short, students must have clearly demonstrated that their service went well beyond the initial expectations and that their work was initiated and implemented through their own design.